There are dozens of reasons why online casino enthusiasts fall in love with slots. These casino games are entertaining and appealing. Slots are also easy to play, which means even beginners can enjoy games without prior experience. Add to this the possibility to win big (slots are associated with big jackpots), and you will understand why the genre is the undisputed king of casino games. But before you join the online slots world, you may need to know a few things about these casino games.

Random Number Generator

Online slots depend on the random number generator (RNG). This is a technology used by online casino operators to come up with random number sequences, which come up when the reels are spun. Since slots don’t remember, the outcome of each spin is independently determined by the RNG, irrespective of whether you have been playing all day or not. Thus, it is completely absurd to imagine that the outcome of any spin depends on previous spins. Additionally, RNG software is thoroughly tested to ensure casino owners cannot manipulate it to their advantage. You may want to check if any online casino is TST-certified before joining.


Playing paylines is not the same as playing, for instance, a single payline. When it comes to slots, your chances of winning are higher if you play more paylines. More paylines also means higher chances of hitting a jackpots or even bonuses. However, nothing comes free. Playing more paylines means wagering more, and the opposite is true. Remember, each payline requires you to place a separate wager.

Slots Types

Slots games come in various different types, which include 3-reel slots, multiple-reel slots, bonus slots, and free spins slots. It pays to check if an online casino offers the slot game type you want to play before signing up.