Online Poker Etiquette

The online poker world has never been the same since 2003, the year Chris Moneymaker won the WSP (World Series of Poker). The game became a big hit online, given that players did not have to make trips to brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy their favorite game. However, online poker rooms, just like their land-based counterparts in Vegas or elsewhere, come with dos and don’ts. So, how should you behave when playing poker online? Here is the etiquette.

Avoid Giving Advice

You are at your favorite poker room, and you see a fellow player getting it wrong. Don’t be quick to offer advice, it is simply not acceptable. By giving advice, it provides an impression of working in cahoots. Other players will not like it.

Collusion is Not Permitted

Colluding with other players on a poker table is tantamount to card counting in live casinos. While there may be no illegality associated with conspiring, it is a bad thing all the same. It gives players an edge over others, allowing them to tilt the result of the play in their favor.

Avoid Bad Language

While this is one of the most broken rules in poker rooms, bad language offends other players on the table. Since you will be communicating via a chatbox, it is advisable to keep it clean as readers may not understand whether you’re serious or you’re only having fun.

Try to Be Quick in Making Your Moves

Taking forever to make a move delays the gameplay, and this may upset your opponents. Of course, being slow is normal, especially for beginners who are yet to master the game, but taking too long to make decisions is something you must avoid as much as possible. Remember, players who have folded could be waiting to join the next hand. In fact, there are online poker rooms with automated timers to minimize time wastage.